Saturday, December 15, 2012

Use your brain!

     I'm sure that we are all aware of what happened just yesterday in Connecticut. If you just so happened to miss it, then I will recap it for you. Some sick man went into an elementary school who obviously had so mental issues and shot at children and teachers killing 26 people 20 of which were young children.

     Imagine getting a call saying that someone shot your kindergartner and then realizing that all of those Christmas presents under your tree for them will never be opened. That is heart crushing.

     Some people may ask themselves how God could let something so horrible happen to innocent children? Well, while God protects us and loves us, he cannot take away our agency. That was part of our coming to Earth.

     God knew that there would be people who would be idiots and use their agency stupidly, and it hurts him just as much as us to see people suffer like that. Especially his children. At times this world may seem dark and hopeless and beyond any reach of help. But not everything is as dark as it seems. Yes, there will always be idiots, but there will always be smart people too.

     Just because someone else used their agency unwisely doesn't mean that you can't use yours wisely. Make good use of the agency that you have been given and don't be stupid. We can fight so much world suck by being smart and using our brains!!! Who knew?!


  1. What happened in Conneticut is so sad. There was a shooting that happened a couple days ago at the mall about 30 minutes away from our school. Really scary. But you're so right--there are stupid people, but there are smart ones too! World-suck fighters...UNITE!

  2. It is depressing. I went through my Science teacher spending half an hour telling us about how if that happened he was going to protect us with his life if necessary. It was really sad and I feel so sorry for everybody whose little kid isn't here anymore for the happiest time of the year. It really makes you look at your life and know how lucky you are to still have it. I agree with both of you Nicoles! UNITE!


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