Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Hypocrites Guide to Goal Setting

     Hello my wonderful neglected people. One of my new years resolutions was to blog more, but you can all tell how well that worked out. As we are already half way through January and this is my first post, but I am still going to talk a little bit about goals nonetheless.
     So, it is already 2013 and we survived 2012 yippee. I am sure that we all set some impossible goal that we have been trying to achieve for years without success. Sure, it works for the first couple of days and then what? That's right back to your contented laziness. Do you know when gym's make the most money? Yup, New Years. Everyone buys a yearlong membership to use it maybe, what, a month if you're lucky.
      With that being said, what is my role in this little cycle? I am the CYCLE-STOPPER!!! Hopefully. I am going to reveal my tips to success to you dear reader.
       Now, I am sure that we have all heard the "smart" goals thing if not, here is the basic idea:
You get the picture right? This can be very useful when you are a beginner and don't get me wrong, it is 100% correct, but, what about those of us who have tried this method and it didn't really work?

Now, I want you to forget that for a moment and think about what truly motivates you. Maybe it is that ice cream, maybe it is that great book, maybe it is playing your violin, whatever it is use it as a reward for achieving your goal.

One of the biggest problems with goal setting is that we don't reward ourselves for doing a great job. We deprive our self of what we really want.
But it can also go the other way, we get what we want and then we award our self with the thing we have been trying to avoid. So, while setting your goal, also set up your rewards system. Also, make sure you plan in advance and have it written down. Otherwise it will turn into a spur of the moment thing that you will regret later.

And make sure to feel proud of your self for doing a great job! Hope this helped.

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