Friday, November 30, 2012

Its a Wonderful Life

Sorry for the lag. It has been about a month since I last posted and I have been so busy that I haven't even had time to write anything. So, I made the school basketball team and have been working hard everyday after school for two hours and then I come home to do homework. So from now on, I can only post on weekends.

Well, now that the Christmas season is finally here, I am officially ready to get excited. I don't know what it is  about this time of year, but I always get excited for snow and staring at our Christmas tree for about an hour just getting lost in its branches and strings of lights. And don't even get me started on baking! I swear during winter I live in the kitchen and I still don't bake enough.

I have this tradition that I do, every year on the last day of November, I watch It's a Wonderful Life all by myself and curl up on the couch with some herbal tea. I love that movie. It makes me cry every time and sometimes I feel like a baby, but it is such a great movie and it is even better since it has James Stewart in it. He is by all means my favorite actor ever! He is hilarious and he always makes me laugh until I can't laugh any more.

And the love story it tells! I'm not usually into chick flicks or whatever, but I swear this movie is perfection! I could probably watch it all day, but I just don't have time.

                                                (For the pleasure of your eyes)

Anyway, I also love this movie because it makes you appreciate everything a lot more. Often times we complain that our life is so hard and we wish we had more money or were prettier. But consider for a moment has blessed you are to have the gift of life. So I hope that especially during this time of year, you take some time DAILY to acknowledge how blessed you really are.


  1. Oh how blessed am I
    To have survived NaNoWriMo
    [That's why Confetti Day is on the 30th]

  2. Thanks for reading my post! I will try to blog more often.

  3. Oh Nicole, you are awesome. :)
    I really liked this post, and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  4. Thanks Shelby! I didn't know you were on blogger! I'm really excited now!


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