Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nicole B. on the brink

Any of you who have read Lily B on the brink of Cool will know what I am referring to in my title. Otherwise you should read the book because it is super good and easy to relate to. It is by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. I would highly recommend it.

To start off with the definition of brink is: an extreme edge; verge. My life seems to be leading me to various brinks and I barely manage to maneuver away from them until I come to another one.

My first brink is homework. The end of the year is a joke right no homework everyone is getting ready for summer? Wrong. I have six finals. I normally don't mind finals, but six all at once is a little too much for me to handle. The pressure becomes so immense sometimes that I would rather just hid in a hole somewhere and die. In only nine days that pressure will thankfully be gone though and then I can just relax. 

Second brink is books. I love books. So very much in fact that I check fourteen out at a time and then try helplessly to read them. This usually ends up with me reading about ten of them and returning the other four only to check them out again in two days. So I have been trying to practice with self control but it is so hard when I go to the library and I see all of the wonderful books and I just can't help but want to take them all home and read them until I go blind from awesomeness. Self control however, is not one of my highest virtues. So if you go to the library and all of the YA books are checked out you may point your dirty accusing finger in my direction because it was most likely me. Either that or some librarian is trying to sell all of the books on E bay to become a millionaire.

Brink number three is bedtime. I have a the tendency to go to bed really really late because I have so many awesome books. I stayed up until one thirty last night and it is a wonder that I ever woke up this morning. right now it is ten forty and I probably won't go to sleep until midnight. So maybe this is why I am so frustrated with all of my homework and why I am spastically smacking all of my friends in the face. Sorry friends.

Maybe some day I will be like Lily B. and actually be on the brink of Cool but now is not the time. For now I will just be on the brink of being frustrated with myself for being myself.


  1. I love Lily B! That was such a cute, hilarious book. I need to read the sequel. Good post.
    -Nicole :)

  2. Oh I just finished it and I am loving the sequel. I can't believe it came out in 2003 and I get all of the jokes in it. You need to post on your blog I am so bored! No Nicole P. posting? What is this world coming to?

    1. Haha, sorry, I know, I hadn't posted in over a month! I just made a new one though, so you can be free of your boredom! (Just kidding.)
      -Nicole :)
      I was kidding about the boredom thing, not about the post. I actually did make a new post. :P


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