Monday, May 28, 2012

2496 hours

Even though school is over and I now have 104 days and 2496 hours to waste listening to  Broadway's Spamalot soundtrack fourteen times telling me to "Always Look on The Bright Side of Life" and hating it for saying that to me and wishing that I could have some useful homework to do so that I didn't feel so useless.

Then there is always all of those Harry Potter movies just waiting for me to watch them six times even though I feel so lazy when I do. Plus the assortment of other movies that I get to watch that show other people having adventures that I will never go on and I will hate them for being so happy while I am wasting away adventure less. Why do I watch other people having adventures just because I can't have my own!?

My only sanctuary will be books. I will be able to hide away in a book and hide my emotions from the world around me and forget about how sad I am. Sad that I have nothing to do with myself except be a lump of skin and sad that I never said anything to S. and sad that I was such a terrible friend to the people that were so nice to me. I will just wallow about in my misery and be distressed  that I have no adventures of my own in store.

2496 hours of emptiness. Dawning upon me.

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  1. Aaw, I'm sorry! I hate summer because it makes me feel empty too. The funny thing is that once you see your friends again it feels like nothing happened (and nothing did happen). My summers are always so boring! I feel sad too. :( And regretful that I didn't do some things I should have because I was too chickened out. But I'm happy for my books too, and at least you have something to do. :P I feel lazy also.

    Have a great summer! At least you're not lazy enough to find out how many hours you have left.

    Just sleep it all away ;)



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