Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Story!!!

Hey everybody! I have just started a new story. Not sure yet if it will be just a short  story or if I will make a novel. Check out the Beginning:

Seconds, minuets, hours, days. But nothing dulls the endless pain. No matter how long it is I could never come to grips with reality. The little voice in my head says why bother even trying? I long to give in to it. After all I am just a piece in their game. Then I am reminded that there is a greater thing to fight for. I shouldn't be thinking of giving in so willingly. There is a more important fight, it is not in your mind. This is real. No one will be coming for your sake. We are part of a mankind slaughter house. You will be killed. And then I just breathe, because what else is there to do? If they are determined to kill me, then I might as well waste everything that they have created. I cannot give in to them without fighting.

If they think that they can do this to us and expect us to be fine with it then they have misinterpreted who we are, or rather what they have made us to be. We were raised in a community of killing and doing whatever it takes to get air. Precious air. They have created a world of killing and fighting over something that used to be a normal regular, free thing. The air is what keeps us alive. Life is all that we have. That is why we fight.Those who don't have the will to fight, die. They have forced us into this way of life. We hope to live no matter the cost. But hoping is foolish. Every ounce of hope that they will grant us is crushed later on. So what do we do? We sit here working for them, worshiping them. They who discriminate against us, who have made our lives unbearable to the point of not even caring about what our name is.

Feel free to share your thoughts! And keep writing.


  1. This is a great beginning Nicole, really thoughtful! You've got a new reader here, keep writing :)

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    2. Thank You! I love your blog. Mine kind of dulls in comparison, but thank you for commenting! I think I will call it Co2, but I'm not sure yet... Anyway thank you!!!
      P.S. You should check out my friend Patricia's blog she is super funny and she is Asian too.

  2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! To learn more visit my blog


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