Sunday, May 13, 2012

Somebody to Lean On

Friday was one of the worst days in my entire life. My adult friend moved to Arkansas and left me the sweetest letter I have ever read and I hated it. It was almost as if it was designed to make me cry like a blubbering idiot!

I read it like fourteen times and then I had violin so I had to hide the fact that I had been bawling my eyeballs out and play happy upbeat songs like minuet. The rest of the day I had nothing to do but bask in my misery which is probably the worst idea when you are recovering from something that hard.

I really needed someone to talk to because I was about to go insane. So I called every single one of my relations but none of them would answer.

So after banging my face against the wall for an hour I finally got my inspiration. I got on my Gmail and looked at chat and lo and behold my friend R. was one. 

R. is one of those friends who will make you laugh and you can spill your guts out to them. I finally started to laugh and then I remembered that I was supposed to be miserable so I slapped back on my angry face and said no. It went on for a while but then I gave in. 

Then all of a sudden from the heavens comes M. She is the one who makes me laugh at myself by pointing out my stupidity and making it look much stupider than it really is. And so all night we were talking and laughing (through chat) and it felt really nice.

Then I realized how great it is to have friends who I can trust who can make my laugh to spare me from giving myself brain damage from banging my head against hard objects.

So for R. and M. Thank you for tricking me into being happy. Because...


  1. I totally agree! People who make you laugh are the best ones to be around especially when you're not happy. I banged my head against the wall once, but only because I was laughing. :)

    By the way, I talked to Hannah and she says she will get on blogger soon. Hopefully. *glare* I'll get mad at her if she doesn't and remind her to follow you!!!


  2. I really do wish she would blog, especially because she is good at it. But I don't think she would follow me unless I went to her house and did it myself with her account.


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