Monday, January 25, 2016


Okay, this is my first post in like three years! I don't really know if anyone will read this. Maybe it is just my shout in the oblivion and maybe this is just for my own sake. But I don't know if it matters whether the world sees this or not. So whether I am spaking to the empty void or whether you are a person, here goes. Now that I am writing, I am not even sure what I want this blog to be anymore. Probably just smattering of life. Messy, scary, and also beautiful beyond comprehension or comparisson.
Today I would like to share a few lines from one of my favorite plays and I am sure you will all know what it is from.
"To be or not to be. To die, to sleep, perchance to dream"
Everyone has heard thesee words before, but I think that the meaning is often overlooked. How can we go on living in a world where nothing that we do seems to make a difference. With the growing rate of clinical depression in the US I think this is a question that many people find themselves asking. In the end I believe that Hamlet finds the answer to his question.
"Draw your breath in pain and tell my story"
I interpret that to mean that you have to make a story for yourself that is worth telling. I know the English scholars will grimace when I say that because I think it is  something that Shakespeare didn't even intend to communicate. But for me it means that you give your life meaning.
When you find something that you're passionate about it brings a meaning to your life. So I want to say that once you find something you really enjoy, don't give it up for anything. Hold on to it because people will try to take it away, but your passion makes you. It fills you with light and can change the world.

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