Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boring stuff and bugs in jars

Wow, I have been such a busy procrastinator lately that my poor blog is almost dead :( Which is never a good  thing. From now on I will be posting regularly again and hopefully I will be able to resurrect my poor little blog.
So what is new with you guys? My lovely readers, I have missed you! I am curious if any of you even read this anymore. From now on, I am determined to become a regular poster of posts.
I have a new view for my blog which I am going to get to in a moment so hold on!
So, from now on, I will be posting at least every Thursday. You can count on at least that, but I may be posting more so, check my site regularly for updates.
But mostly I want your feedback about what you want to hear about! I am really excited to finally have the time to actually post things, and I want you all to share what you want to hear from me. I will probably be posting random thoughts from my head or book reviews or recipes or all of the above, but I really want your feedback.
This is just how it looked :)

Now after all of those intro/ boring update things, I want to get started by sharing one of my truly beautiful experiences with all of you. On Sunday evening I had the opportunity to see fireflies. Real live fireflies! This may not be a very big deal for those of you who live in places with swarms of fireflies everywhere, but for me since I live in dry old Utah, I had never seen a real firefly before. Because, get real, seeing fireflies in Utah would be like seeing a walrus fly. They are like none here.

And let me just say that the whole experience was completely magical for me. Some of you might say um bugs, yeah not really my thing, but for me this was like one of those perfect moments that you always read about from books. They were everywhere with their lights just flickering on and off and their reflections of flecks of light off the lake that they were fluttering over. Seriously one of the best days of my life!
I even caught some in a mason jar and it was just stunning in every aspect of the word.

As I was out there, I was able to sit and just be. I didn't have to worry or think. I reminded myself very much of Stargirl from Jerry Spinelli's book who was able to just find a place and imagine herself being erased completely from the world a bit at a time. Sometimes all we need to get back into the flow of things is something extraordinary so that we will be able to cope with the ordinary again.

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  1. Nicole, it occurred to me that you and I were both having majestic weekends (


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