Friday, July 27, 2012

The Plunge

I have never been overly obsessive over romance novels and chick flicks. I never really thought about it either. Romance always seemed so distant and unimportant to me. Not that I have never fallen head over heels and landed smack on my face. I have always been down to Earth and (to some degree) realistic.

Romance novels and chick flicks have always been the things that my mother adores. The things that make me pee my pants at night because they are just so plain creepy. The things that make me flinch and squeeze my eyes shut during a movie (just to secretly peek when I'm sure no one is looking) The things that I make fun of with my friends. The things that I consistantly avoid. Never have I even thought to enter this unknown realm of three paragraph, four minute snogging scenes. I have been determined to be different.

And in this void of determination and peeing my pants I realised that my favortie movies are indeed chick flicks. Maybe I should have figured out before that Somewhere in Time had a, not four but, five minute smooch scene (who knew right?) Oh well I guess that every good story is a love story.

Anyway, I never even dreamed of bothering myself with all of that junk until just then and suddenly I began to wonder why shouldn't I?

My Brain: Because it is sappy and dumb.

My concience: No it isn't you've never even bothered with it how would you know?!

My Brain: I don't live under a rock.

My concience: Of course you don't, if you lived under a rock you would crave romance like chocolate.

This is where I reveal to you dear reader, my dark secret. I have in fact checked out a romance novel from the library. It isn't too sappy either. It is a comedic romance, a nice kind. But I keep thinking that one of my sisters is going to see me reading it and condemn me for life. But I am actually truly enjoying it. Even though my sister didn't see me reading it, she read the first part of this blog post over my shoulder.

It is actually very funny. It is called The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjourkman by Louise Plummer
I am about half way through it so it hasn't gotten to the three minute, three paragraph smooching yet, but I am getting very close to that moment of impending doom that I might just enjoy. Who knows? Maybe romance novels will be my new favorite genre, it isn't very likely, but it could happen.

After all,
                You may be dissapointed if  you fail, but you are doomed if you never try. ~Beverley Sills

You will never know if you never try and if you never try then how will you ever know? I believe we all conceal part of ourselves from the world afraid that it won't be acceptable in their sight, but that may be the part of us that people like the most. It is OK to go out of your comfort zone, healthy even. And every girl deserves a bit of romance right?


  1. My Netflix recommendations say my tastes run to the depressing, the foreign, the unusual and the cerebral. But guess what? So I wrote this blog:

  2. Haha, I'm more into action and YA. Thank You for your comment.

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  4. I like the conversation b/w your brain and the conscience. Waiting to read more of the two talking!
    Great post!


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