Thursday, May 3, 2012

I have found myself "in hysterics"

Ah yes it is true. I have completly gone round the bend. I stayed up untill 2:36 A.M. reading my Book of Mormon so that I could be done with the value of virtue (Personal Progress) I have aproxamatly 28 days in which I will do four hours of gardening and four hours of indexing in order to complete it in a year starting from my birthday (june first) This all works out great considering I have 6 finals to do and I must be reading almost every second of the day (which I am OK with) But for today I am officially insane. I have not met one person who perfers the Nicole who didn't get very much sleep last night. Most of them prefer the nice smart quiet Nicole who isn't liable to spastically smack you in the face. To go over it all I am my best self when I am sane.


  1. oh nicole, i like the insane you!

    1. Terran! You did look at it! Well it is nice to know that someone appreciates crazy people such as myself.


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