Monday, March 26, 2012

The hunger games

The Hunger games has come out! Everyone has seen it and whoever hasn't is probably really sad with them self   and they probably wanted to see it and everyone is talking about it and rubbing it in to their face that they haven't seen it.... Anyway since I haven't seen it YET I will conduct a survey (hooray) so in your opinion who is better Gale or Peeta. Now remember folks it is OK to state your long as it is the same as mine... And have fun with this OK?*cough* cough* vote Gale! Cough*


  1. *shakes head in shame* Nicole, I can't believe you. You're a--a--Gale fan! AHHH! I'm sorry, but I love Peeta the most... ;)

    Haha, anyways, I'm sooooo excited to see the movie too! I'm going to see it this coming Monday. (Ughhh, 6 more days!)


  2. Oh good I am glad that there is at least ONE hard core fan of the Hunger Games that hasn't seen the movie yet. It comforts me to know that I am not alone.

  3. However I am so ashamed that you decided on Peeta *tisk tisk* Wrong decision. I really had higher hopes for you.


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