Monday, February 20, 2012

Me and the Mall ( a sob story)

           I HATE the mall! I am anoyed with all of the stupid teenagers there running around in their skinny jeans and tight shirts. I don't look good in or fit in most of their stereotype people clothing that is either too small for anyone but a twig, or too big to suffice for the subway station. It used to be different, it used to be a wonderful place (from a 2 year old 3 foot tall girls view) But now you can't even walk around without being tense and wondering what the people around you see. I feel so much better in DI (deseret industries) where I can feel OK around the people because I know that they won't mind that much of how I am. I would rather just not have to worry or care what everyone thinks but I just can't help it. The world looks at me and pulls me apart untill they think that they know who I am but they haven't even asked me my name.
          So today I endured another day of going to the shoe store for a buy one get one half-off sale only to find that they don't carry size nines followed by my sister getting mad at me because she couldn't get any shoes unless I got some. I don't feel comfortable being pulled at or rejected. My heart breaks as well as my self respect and selfesteem. I wish that I didn't have to hide behind this mask and reveal my true identity. But what would everyone do? I don't want to have to be hidden but I don't fit in with what the world thinks is perfect.


  1. Good post, I agree! The world has such a stereotypical idea of perfect and anything else different than that is "wrong", which is totally stupid. People should be able to feel comfortable being themselves without having to worry about what others think of them! (Don't worry, Nicole, I think you're really cool.) Let's unite against the forces of the world and be ourselves! :)


  2. Oh my gosh. I can so relate to this! Thats why I am an awesome ninja spy who wears plain, normal clothes to blend in. Or to be myself! ;)

  3. This is very true! I hate people and their stupid trends (boys wearing skinny jeans. Oh please). Well, I like people. But their stupid trends are stupid, hence the word stupid. You should just be yourself! I have a hint for you. If you feel uncomfortable, act as if you're comfortable. People won't sense your awkwardness and act awkward. They'll just not notice. Sometimes I think too much about what I'm wearing, or that the silence is too long. But then when you get so into something you forget about your clothes, or so deep in thought you're at peace with the quiet, it's good! Nobody really cares/remembers what you wear unless you do. If you make a big deal about it not being good ... so will they. :D The world shouldn't make your decisions for you.



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